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Mason OS 3

See below for release note history for the Mason platform v3 running on Android 8.1.

Release History

3.4.2 latest

Released: 2023-08-30


  • Resolve issues with Bluetooth disconnections and crashes when using third-party devices.
  • Rectify content discrepancies in shutdown and device restart dialogs.
  • Address UI problems related to multi-choice dialogs.
  • Fix for sending inaccurate Connectivity data to the Controller when WiFi is enabled.


Released: 2023-04-12


  • Hide Phone app


  • Bluetooth connection status text is wrong
  • Fix devices not landing in correct group when it is set up in QR provisioning
  • Settings NFC ON does not disable cellular data
  • mason-management:config_disable_status_bar not working on lockscreen


Released: 2023-03-08


  • Fixed: Dialog text readability on white background
  • Fixed: Stable Adb Connection
  • Additional Mason core applications fixes


Released: 2023-02-07


  • Support X-Ray version 2 to interact with devices remotely.
  • Add PPG Off Body Detect Enhanced.


  • Additional Mason core applications fixes
  • android:config_longPressOnPowerBehavior Setting to 1 will show a global actions menu.
  • mason-core:config_xray_notify Setting to false will not show a persistent notification while an X-Ray session is active.


  • cellbroadcastreceiver:config_disable_all_cell_broadcast_alerts This configuration allows control over the default behavior of cell broadcast messages. The config is appropriate for devices that are not intended to be used as primary communication devices.


Released: 2022-10-03


  • Improved Battery Profile.


  • Fixes stability issue on the platform.


Released: 2022-07-14


  • Set default screen timeout to 60 seconds


  • Internal tamper switch will now wake up the device when it’s open.


Released: 2022-07-05



  • Now users can provide a list of packages that will be blocked from posting notifications.


  • List of packages that will be enabled. Packages declared on this list will be enabled at boot. If the package is not declared in this config it will have the default behavior defined for it.


  • Added Adaptive brightness. The device will react to surrounding light and adjust brightness accordingly. This feature is on by default and can be turned off from settings.


Released: 2022-06-07



  • Now users can provide a list of packages that will be excluded from battery optimizations.


  • PPG proximity sensor can now be calibrated per user.


  • Fixes existing applications deployed through configs that were not being updated to new versions.


Released: 2022-05-16


  • ECG sensor will now be disabled by default on boot up. To enable ECG monitoring, your application will need to register with the sensor. The application can disable the sensor, if not in use.


  • October 2021 security patches.


Released: 2022-04-01


  • Moving forward, PPG sensor HR, RR and SPO2 values will be forwarded to the application layer without being converted to 0 if the accuracy is low.
  • UI Colors Theme improvements.


systemui: config_disableKeyguard

  • If set to false, the keyguard can be controlled through the settings app. If set to true, it will disable the keyguard scrim even if the screen lock option changes.

systemui: config_quickSettingsClockSettingEnable

  • Controls the access to Clock Settings from QuickSettings.


  • Fix hard crash related to ADSP and PPG.


Released: 2022-03-03


  • config_quickSettingsAppSettingsEnable showing once after the devices boots.
  • Apk installs as part of OTA deployment.


Released: 2022-01-31


  • More UX updates from Mason Theme.



  • Allows the device to boot to Mason OS on power instead of staying at charger mode. The device will boot after a safe battery threshold. This threshold is device dependent. If disabled, the device will boot to charger mode.


  • Whether or not to show the Settings App access in QuickSettings.


  • Whether or not to enable QuickSettings options deletion, addition or rearrange.


  • Whether or not to show the device monitored warning in QuickSettings.


  • Flag indicating whether the device should ignore cellular an use wifi only.


Released: 2021-12-02

A4100 Release Notes 3.1.0

We are pleased to announce the first public release of Mason OS for the Mason A4100 smartwatch!

Hope you enjoy and love this product as much as we do!

The A4100 is not a medical device and should not be used for medical purposes. The A4100 is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any medical condition. If you are experiencing symptoms of a medical condition or have concerns about your health, you should seek the advice of a medical professional immediately.

Mason Hardware Framework SDK

With the Mason OS 3.1.0 release, customer applications will be able to integrate with the Mason Hardware Framework SDK in order to interface with the built in A4100 ECG sensor technology. ECGSensorManager lets you access the device ECG sensor and the ECGEventListener callbacks can be used for ECG sensor events.

Please note that the existing Mason Framework SDK, designed to give your application privileged abilities on the Mason OS, is also available on the A4100. We are bringing forward all the goodness of the Mason framework to the A4100 smartwatch.

A4100 Sensor Technology


Mason has designed and integrated an ECG sensor stack and application-level support which is all available through the Hardware Framework SDK.

With the Mason OS 3.1.0 release, your application will be able to access sensor data to measure:

  • User presence
  • Heart Rate
  • Heart Rate Variability
  • Stress
  • Energy

And to perform tasks such as:

  • User (un)enrollment*
  • User authorization*
  • User metadata (age, height, weight)*

*The smartwatch is not associating any sensor data to an end-user. The application is responsible for that.

See Mason Sample applications for examples on using heart rate in your application


With the Mason OS 3.1.0 release, your application will be able to access sensor data to measure:

  • Respiration Rate
  • Heart Rate
  • Blood Oxygen (SP02)

Since Mason OS PPG support has been integrated with Android Hardware Sensor framework the Android standard APIs can be used. See the Android documentation for additional details.

Also see Mason Sample applications below for examples on using respiration rate in your application


With the Mason OS 3.1.0 release, your application will be able to access sensor data to measure:

  • Blood oxygen level

See Mason Sample applications for examples on using respiration rate in your application

Mason Sample Applications

There are a set of sample applications including source code that will help you get started on building your application using wellness metrics such as heart, breathe, blood oxygen etc.

This document can be found in the Mason knowledge base at Mason support website.

Android Security patches

Stay up to date with the Android 8 security patches. Mason OS is integrated with the latest Android 8 security patches.

Mason OS Configurations

As before all Mason OS configurations can be found at

Mason OS User Interface

The Mason OS experience has been updated to fit the navigation and visual experience that is needed for the screen size of a watch. You will notice a difference between the interface of the watch versus our handheld (6”) and 8” and 10” tablets

There is a new keyguard experience and also updates to:

  • Application launcher
  • Settings

QR Code Provisioning

We introduced the ability to provision a device through QR Code scanning. This is to accommodate the watch screen size since the manual setup UI on the watch is quite strenuous on the eyes.

Please see for details on how to provision your device using a QR Code.

Known Issues

Please contact for any questions.

  1. X-Ray is not supported in this release
  2. NFC is disable by default, this is because when enabled the screen flickers.
  3. Some Mason OS configurations do not function on A4100.
  4. Cannot change date, time, timezone during device setup.