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Framework SDK

The Mason Framework SDK is designed to give your app privileged abilities on Mason OS.


Mason Framework Stubs JarJavadocMinimum Supported Mason OS Version(s)
masonstubs-2.15.0.jarVersion 2.15.0 documentation (Download zip)6.2.7
masonstubs-2.14.0.jarVersion 2.14.1 documentation (Download zip)6.2.3
masonstubs-2.13.0.jarVersion 2.13.0 documentation (Download zip)6.1.0
masonstubs-2.12.0.jarVersion 2.12.0 documentation (Download zip)6.0.5
masonstubs-2.11.0.jarVersion 2.11.0 documentation (Download zip)2.11.0
masonstubs-2.10.0.jarVersion 2.10.0 documentation (Download zip)2.10.0
masonstubs-2.9.0.jarVersion 2.9.0 documentation (Download zip)2.9.0
masonstubs-2.8.0.jarVersion 2.8.0 documentation (Download zip)2.8.0
masonstubs-2.7.0.jarVersion 2.7.0 documentation (Download zip)2.7.0
masonstubs-2.2.0.jarVersion 2.2.0 documentation (Download zip)2.2.0


The main interface for utilizing the Mason Framework is the MasonFramework class, which provides MasonFramework#get(Context, Class) to retrieve a feature vertical API.

An example of retrieving the WindowManagerPrivileged API can be seen below:

WindowManagerPrivileged windowManagerPrivileged = MasonFramework.get(context, WindowManagerPrivileged.class);

From here, you can invoke whatever the given interface provides.


Visit our installation guide to get up and running.