Introduction to the Mason Platform

Welcome to the intro guide to the Mason Platform! These docs describe the individual products and services that comprise the Mason Platform and details how the Platform can be used to develop and manage a device ecosystem.

If you are already familiar with the basics of the Mason Platform, the Mason CLI page provides a better reference guide for available features.

What is the Mason Platform?

The Mason Platform is mobile deployment infrastructure that can be used to stand up and manage a device ecosystem over its entire lifecycle. The platform enables the creation of custom hardware and operating systems without a hardware team or writing a single line of code. Applications can be bundled and versioned along with the operating system or deployed independently. OS updates, traditionally controlled by the manufacturer, are 100% controlled by users of the Mason Platform. Devices can be organized and provisioned into groups enabling a new level of maturity in mobile software deployment.

What is a Mason Devkit?

A Mason Developer Kit (“devkit” in short) is a developer-oriented product that allows customers to play with and experience the full power of the Mason Platform before moving to full scale deployment of their custom solution. It typically includes a developer versions of a Mason portfolio device along with full access to the Mason platform services and developer tools (such as the CLI).

Next Steps

See our Mason Platform Quick Start to start using the Mason Platform today.


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