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Software Development Kits (SDKs)

Mason provides several Android-compatible SDKs for your use:

  1. The Framework SDK: Designed to give your app privileged abilities on Mason OS.
  2. The Hardware Framework SDK: Designed to provide your app with a simple API to interface with device-specific sensors. This Framework is currently supported on A4100 devices.
  3. The Android SDK: Designed to give your app access to the Mason Platform. This allows you to retrieve information like device name, Group, IMEI, serial, and more.

This is the installation guide for the Mason Framework SDK.


  1. Download a masonstubs.jar from the options listed on our Framework SDK documentation.
  2. The masonstubs.jar should be placed in your app/libs directory.
  3. Declare the library as a dependency in your project's gradle file at app/build.gradle
dependencies {
compileOnly files('libs/masonstubs.jar') // add the mason fw jar - NOTE: update the name to match included file
  • Declare your usage of the library in your AndroidManifest.xml. Note that this goes within the application tags of your manifest:
<uses-library android:name="masonamerica.platform" />
  • Finally, upload your application to the Mason Platform, include it in a Project configuration, and deploy the configuration to your device.

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