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Mason SDK

Mason provides two Android-compatible SDKs for your use

  1. The Framework SDK
  2. The Android SDK

Framework SDK

The Mason Framework is designed to give your app privileged abilities on Mason OS.


Mason Framework Stubs Jar Javadoc Minimum Supported Mason OS Version(s)
masonstubs-2.11.0.jar Version 2.11.0 documentation (Download) 2.11.0
masonstubs-2.10.0.jar Version 2.10.0 documentation (Download) 2.10.0
masonstubs-2.9.0.jar Version 2.9.0 documentation (Download) 2.9.0
masonstubs-2.8.0.jar Version 2.8.0 documentation (Download) 2.8.0
masonstubs-2.7.0.jar Version 2.7.0 documentation (Download) 2.7.0
masonstubs-2.2.0.jar Version 2.2.0 documentation (Download) 2.2.0


Visit our Installation guide to get up and running

The main interface for utilizing the Mason Framework is the MasonFramework class which provides MasonFramework#get(Context, Class) to retrieve a feature vertical API.

An example of retrieving the WindowManagerPrivileged API can be seen below:

WindowManagerPrivileged windowManagerPrivileged = MasonFramework.get(context, WindowManagerPrivileged.class);

From here, you can invoke whatever the given interface provides.

Android SDK

The Android SDK is designed to give your app access to the Mason Platform. This allows you to retreive information like device name, group, imei, serial, and more.


Mason Platform SDK AAR Javadoc Supported Mason OS Version(s)
mason-platform-android-0.2.1-release.aar 2.2.X