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Mason OS

Mason OS is a customizable operating system based on Android. Every Mason device ships with Mason OS allowing it to be instantly provisioned and remotely updated. Visit our guide on creating your custom OS to learn more.

Looking for SDK information? Visit our SDK page

Device Models

Mason devices are built for business use cases and run Mason OS by default. Select a device below to view its detailed specifications and Mason OS configurations.

Have a custom device? Contact your dedicated account manager or for specs and reference documentation.

Release Notes

The following are the official releases of the Mason Platform. To discover what's new in a specific Platform component, scroll down to the relevant section and find the section named the same as the Revision entry in the table below.


  • Fix for the proximity sensor preventing the display from turning on while a phone call is in progress (D450C1)
  • Fix for the flashlight quick settings tile being disabled on first boot (D450C1)


  • Mason OS 2.13.0 supports Mason's multi IMSI capable sim cards enabling dynamic switching across carriers