Using Controller

Mason Controller is an application that provides access to all of your project configurations, devices and related functionality.

You can follow along by logging in using your Mason Account credentials (see Account Setup).

Inside Controller, there are three main action bars that let you navigate through the app.


Platform Navigation (top row)

  • Clicking on the Controller icon will bring you back to the Devices page
  • To the right are other platform actions (visit, view docs, file a support request, or update user settings)

Controller Navigation Bar (middle row)

  • Clicking on these links will route you to other parts of the Controller application
  • Devices, Groups, Projects, Artifacts

Page Actions

  • Page-specific actions (create new Group, move Device, etc.) will show up here
  • If no actions are available, the action dropdown will be greyed out


Clicking on the ‘Devices’ tab in the nav bar will show a list of all devices associated with your account.

  • You can move devices between groups using the action bar
  • Clicking on a Device IMEI will show you the device details page


Clicking on the ‘Groups’ tab in the nav bar will show a list of all groups associated with your account.

  • Provisioned devices will show up in a default group named unassigned
  • To learn more about device groups you can read the Manage Groups document.


You can view the projects you have created so far by clicking on the ‘Projects’ tab in the nav bar.

A ‘project’ is a combination of a configuration and a device type (such as the Mason D450). A configuration is a versioned manifest of the software and software configurations that can be deployed to devices of a type within a group.

  • You can create new projects using the action bar.


A build is a process that compiles your configuration file, included apps and media into an OS update.

You can view a historical list of the builds you have initiated for each project by clicking on a project card. The builds will show up under the project information section.

  • Builds that are in progress show a loading/‘IN PROGRESS’ state
  • Completed builds are shown with a green/‘SUCCESS’ symbol
  • Failed builds are shown with a red/‘FAILURE’ symbol


To view the list of artifacts you have registered to the Mason Platform, you can click on the ‘Artifacts’ tab in the nav bar. This will load up a list of all artifacts including media (such as bootanimations) and APKs.