Barcode Scanners

This document provides setup and usage instructions for various barcode scanners sourced from Mason’s Marketplace. Confirm which brand of scanner you have and scroll to the appropriate section below.

Keyboard Configuration

You can configure whether or not the virtual keyboard displays on screen while a scanner is connected by toggling enable_ime_with_hard_keyboard in your Project Config. See Configuration Glossary for more information on this configuration option.


Applicable Scanners:

  • MB500BT (CCD)
  • MB300BT-Pro (CCD)
  • R1000BT-HP (Laser)
  • R1300BT (CCD)

Quick Start Barcode Glossary

The following barcodes will be used during inital setup of your scanner.

Quick Start Barcode Glossary

Scanners listed as CCD above will be able to scan the above barcodes directly from this webpage. For laser scanners please print this page to scan the barcodes.

Initial Setup

  1. Power on your scanner

    • Standard behavior is for the blue light to flash, indicating it is in Bluetooth Pairing mode.
    • If the blue light is not flashing scan the Bluetooth Pairing Mode barcode.
  2. Check the available Bluetooth devices on your Mason device

    • a. Access the device settings via the settings menu

    • b. Select Bluetooth under the Wireless & Networks section

    • STOP! The scanner should show up as GS-BarcodeScanner BT4.0, with a keyboard icon next to it. If the normal bluetooth symbol shows up instead of the keyboard, complete the steps below. If the keyboard icon is present, skip to step 4.

  3. Scan the Default Factory Setting barcode

  4. Select pair with the GS-BarcodeScanner BT4.0

    • A pop-up will come up, and select Pair
  5. Start scanning