The following are the official releases of the Mason Platform, in reverse chronological order. To discover what’s new in a specific Platform component, scroll down to the relevant section (or use one of the “Jump To” links below) and find the section named the same as the Revision entry in the table below.

Mason OS

For details on configurations see: For details on Mason Framework see:


  • Configurations
    • splash: A splash can now be defined in a project configuration to override the default Mason logo splash shown on device boot prior to the boot animation. (210, 430, 450 based devices excluding D450)
    • config_usb_host_enabled: Sets the device to enable or disable the usb host. By default it is enabled, allowing for any device to be connected. Disabling prevents all devices from connecting over USB but still allows charging. (430, 450 based devices)
    • config_showDeviceMonitoredWarning: Whether or not to show the device monitored warning in QuickSettings.
    • config_wifiOnly: Flag indicating whether the device should ignore cellular and use wifi only.
    • config_xray_notify: Whether to show a persistent notification while an X-Ray session is active.
  • Mason Framework
    • Constants for Mason OS Intent Strings
  • Push commands now received over port 443 (previously port 1883)
  • Fixes
    • Fixed Camera UI bug that caused capture button overlap
    • Fixed shutdown confirmation dialog to say “shutdown” instead of “reboot”


  • X-Ray support
  • Configurations
    • config_xray_enabled: Whether to enable the Mason X-Ray remote access feature
    • config_shortPressOnPowerBehavior: Do nothing and send a broadcast with action “com.bymason.platform.SHORT_PRESS_POWER”. This allows your application to implement custom behavior on short presses of the device hardware power button.
    • config_longPressOnPowerBehavior: Do nothing and send a broadcast with action “com.bymason.platform.LONG_PRESS_POWER”. This allows your application to implement custom behavior on long presses of the device hardware power button.
  • Mason Framework
    • API for enable/disable NFC
    • API for hiding/showing system navigation bar
    • API for putting device to sleep
    • API for showing global actions/power menu
  • Device serial number now shown on Mason provisioning screen
  • Fixes
    • D450: Fix no sound coming from earpiece
    • D450: Fix fingerprint functionality


  • Mason Framework API to set default keyboard
  • Mason Framework API to disable/enable the status bar (including notifications)
  • September 2019 Security Patches
  • Fix for Core crash caused by Platform SDK


  • August 2019 security patches


  • Reduce Mason apps data usage
  • Update WebView to version 66.0.3359.158
  • July 2019 security patches
  • Bux fixes/improvements to Mason Framework, device provisioning, and push message handling


  • Include data usage information for device and apps in device heartbeat
  • New configurations: config_allow_install_from_unknown_sources, config_keyguardshowphoneaffordance, config_keyguardshowcameraaffordance, config_install_prompt_package
  • Set global proxy via config or Mason Framework API
  • January 2019 security patches


  • Update device APNs


  • Add Mason Framework API for setting display density


  • New configurations: config_defaultDisplayDensity, config_enableDataRoaming, default_keyboard_package, config_lowBatteryWarningLevel
  • June 2018 security patches


  • First Mason OS 2 release