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Markers are key/value state that exist on a SIM. Markers are automatically applied to SIMs based on the device the SIM is used in or the state of the SIM itself.

Both the aggregate and time series usage APIs can query usages by markers. The aggregate API accepts marker keys and returns usages grouped by all of the values for the given key. The time series API accepts both a marker key and value and returns the daily usage for the given key/value.

Markers are temporally bound to usage records at a daily granularity. If a marker exists on a SIM over a time range, it will always exist on the SIM for that time range.

Valid marker keys are listed in the table below. Many of these are only available when the SIM is inside a Mason device.

Marker keyDescription
imeiThe imei associated with the SIM
device-groupThe Mason device group the SIM is deployed to
device-uuidThe Mason device uuid the SIM is in
device-typeThe Mason device family the SIM is in
incrementalThe Android incremental build the device is in
carrierThe carrier the SIM is connected to
mncThe mobile network code the SIM is connected to
mccThe mobile carrier code the SIM is connected to
mnc-mccThe combination of the mobile network and mobile carrier codes the SIM is connected to