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Introduction to the Mason Platform

The Mason Platform is designed to be your mobile IoT infrastructure partner.

Our mobile Devices use Mason OS, a custom operating system that is tethered to our platform.

The Mason Platform is designed to quickly stand up and manage Device fleets - dozens to hundreds of thousands of devices - over their entire lifecycle.

Our platform enables you to create custom mobile hardware and operating systems without needing a hardware team and scale and monitor your mobile infrastructure the same way you scale and monitor your application and service infrastructure.

If you are already familiar with the basics of the Mason Platform, the Mason CLI page provides a better reference guide for available features

When you use our platform, you control everything about the hardware that's traditionally controlled by the manufacturer, or OS provider.

  • OS updates, and on-device hardware and software features are 100% controlled by Device owners
  • Your mobile applications can be bundled and versioned with the operating system or deployed independently
  • Devices on the Mason platform are organized into groups, so you can safely partition your fleets and incrementally roll out new features

How can I get started?

If you're interested in learning more about the Mason Platform and testing out our features for yourself, let's get in touch at!

You will need to acquire a Mason Platform Developer Kit ("devkit"), a developer-oriented product that allows customers to play with and experience the full power of the Mason Platform before moving to full scale deployment of their custom solution.

Devkits include a developer-friendly Mason device, along with full access to Mason platform services and developer tools (such as the CLI).

For more detail on the Mason Platform, see our Mason Platform Quick start guide

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