Managing Groups

What are Groups?

Groups within the Mason Platform are a collection of devices that can have apps, configurations, and more deployed to them.

You can use groups to either maintain your software releases based on locality, and/or maintain your software promotion across phases such as “development”, “staging”, or “production”.


  • A single device can only belong to a single group.
  • You cannot have groups of groups.
  • Only one device family is supported per group.

Creating a Group

From Groups in Controller, you can click “Actions” and “Create group” to create a new Group.

On the Mason Group creation dialog, choose a name which fittingly represents the goals of the group. Please note that the name of the group will be the name that is utilized when interfacing with the Mason CLI.

You may choose to add a description to further detail the purpose of the group for your own bookkeeping.

Once the fields are populated, click “Create” to create the group and finish the flow.

Created group

Moving Devices to Groups

Devices which have finished provisioning, but have not yet been assigned to a group sit in an Unassigned state and cannot be deployed to.

From Devices in Controller, select the devices you want to move using the checkboxes on the left, then click “Actions” and “Move”.

Next, select the group you want to move your selected device(s) to and click “Move”. Note that groups can only support a single family of devices.

Move devices

Also note that if your target group already has a deployment, devices moving to that group will download the latest deployment after the move is complete.

  • For more details on creating a Mason Project Configuration, see Defining a Project Config
  • For information on deploying apps and configurations to a group, see Mason CLI