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Setting up your developer kit

This guide will walk you through unboxing your Mason developer kit


If you don't already have one, visit the page to request a Dev Kit!


Upon receiving a Mason developer kit, follow these steps to activate it.

You need a working internet connection to go throgh these steps. This can be either WiFi or a cellular data connection.

  1. Turn on your Mason developer kit. The device should boot up and show you the 'Mason' start screen

    Activation start screen
  2. If you don't have an active SIM card inserted into the device, you will be prompted to set up WiFi for activation.

    WiFi setup prompt
  3. Proceed to setup a WiFi connection if neccessary. The WiFi setup wizard will enable the NEXT button once a WiFi connection is successfully established.

    WiFi setup complete screen
  4. Tap NEXT to be brought to the Date and Time setup screen. Review the device time as well as the time zone and make sure they accurately reflect the time and time zone for your device.

    Time zone screen

    Over WiFi the time zone information is sometimes not automatically obtained (depending upon your router settings). If this is important to your application or use case, please verify the time zone is set properly on your Mason developer kit

  5. Now tap NEXT to be taken to back to the initial screen, and click SETUP YOUR DEVICE.

  6. Sign in to the device using your Mason Platform account credentials (email and password), and tap NEXT.

    Login screen

    Associating the Mason device with your company, and username is how we know that this device belongs to you, and is only accessible by permissioned users in your organization account. We need your password to verify that you are using an account that belongs to you.

  7. Once you sign in successfully, your device automatically check for possible updates.

    Check for update
  8. After an update check has succeeded, you will be left the default home screen application.

    Home screen

    At this point your device is activated and ready for use, and will show up on the devices page inside Controller -!


Next Steps