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Setting up X-Ray For devices running Mason OS 6.0.5 and lower

For setting up X-Ray on devices running Mason OS version 6.0.6+ see this guide



  1. Download the latest Mason CLI 1.5+

    Support for X-Ray was first introduced in Mason CLI v1.5. Check out the latest release at the Mason CLI release page.

  2. Download Mason OS 2.10.0+

    X-Ray is available on Mason devices running Mason OS 2.10.0+.

    To check the Mason OS version your device is running. Log in to your Mason Controller account and navigate to your device's details page by clicking on the serial number. Then click the Software tab and under the OS section verify the Mason OS Version is 2.10.0 or higher.

    If your device is not running Mason OS 2.10.0+, then use the Mason CLI to deploy a mason-os update to your device. Below is an example of how you would deploy Mason OS 2.10.0 to a group named demo_group. mason deploy --push ota mason-os 2.10.0 demo_group.

  3. Create a Mason API with FLEET:ADMIN scope

    X-Ray requires a FLEET:ADMIN scoped Mason API key in order to authenticate the user attempting to connect to the device. Check out the guide on "How to create an API key". Once an API key is created, you will need to pass the API key along with the Mason xray commands. There are serveral ways to pass the API key to the Mason CLI, check out the guide on how to configure the Mason CLI with an API Key.

  4. Obtain your device ID

    In order to connect to the correct device, you will need to obtain the device's ID. To get the device ID, navigate to your device's details page in your Controller account, click the Info tab and copy the Device ID value.

  5. Verify your device is communicating with Controller

    In order to use X-Ray, the device will need to have a stable WiFi or cellular connection. To check if your device is properly communicating to the Mason Platform. Navigate to the device's details page in your Controller account, click the Info tab and verify the device's Connection status is Online.

    If the device's connection status is Offline. Hover, over the Offline status to see the list of possible reasons and visit our X-Ray FAQ page.


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