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Refurbish your Mason device

This guide will walk you through a refurbish, an action that wipes all data from your Mason device and restores it to its original state, prior to provisioning.

The Mason Platform only supports refurbishing one device at a time. If you need to refurbish multiple devices, you can follow this process for each one individually



After you refurbish, you will be unable to use the Mason platform to communicate with the device until you provision it again. Make sure you have physical access to the device prior to a refurbish.

  1. Backup any important application-specific settings or data externally, prior to wiping your device.

  2. Locate any Device idenfitier for the device you are attempting to refurbish - Serial, UUID, or Name

  3. Sign in to Controller

  4. In Controller, search for the device using one of its identifiers, and click on the serial cell in the Devices table to open the Device details page

    if you know your Device's UUID, you can link directly to the device details page using the following URL[DEVICE_UUID]

  5. On the Device details page, locate the action button, and select the option more actions

  6. The more commands modal should appear, select the REFURBISH command in the modal

    More Commands Modal

  7. After confirming the command, you can click the Send command button to send the REFURBISH command to the device

  8. Once your device is connected to the internet, it should perform the refurbish