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Managing Mason OS configurations and projects

This series will explain concepts of Mason OS configs and projects in the Mason Platform, and give you some heuristics for using them.

What is a Mason OS config?

A Mason OS config is a static representation of Mason OS, a highly configurable OS that gives developers complete control over the expression of their OS through their device.

Mason OS configs are versioned YAML documents that reference valid attributes and values defined in the config documentation for your device.

For more information on defining a Mason OS config, skip to step 3 of our 'Manage Projects' guide series

What is a Mason Project?

A Mason project is a collection of versioned Mason OS configurations.

As you push new versions of your project's Mason OS configuration, the project will 'build', and verify that the Mason OS configuration you've specified is valid. Successful builds can be deployed to device groups that have families that match the device family of your project. If you try to deploy a failed build, the deployment will fail.

For more information on deploying Mason OS configs, skip to step 4 of our 'Manage Projects' guide series

You can use projects to test the expresssion of different Mason OS configurations on your devices. You can also use projects to test different versions of your apps on different Mason OS configurations.

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