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Managing device groups on the Mason Platform

This guide will explain the concept of Device Groups in the context of the Mason Platform.

What are device groups?

Device groups within the Mason Platform are meant to represent a collection of devices that have some deployment 'state' associated with them.

In the Mason Platform, you deploy apps, media, and Mason OS configurations to groups. When deployments are associated with groups, any Mason devices in that group will be automatically updated to match the most recent deployment state of that group.

Visit our Platform CLI documentation to learn more about deployments on the Mason Platform

You can use groups to either maintain your software releases based on locality, and/or maintain your software promotion across phases such as "development", "staging", or "production".

Important notes about Groups

  • You can have multiple devices in a group of the same model
  • You can only have devices belong to a single group
  • You cannot nest or relate groups, they are independent objects in the Mason Platform


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