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Performing a Factory data reset on your device

Performing a Factory Reset on a Mason device deletes the app-specific data and settings on the device, preserving the device's deployed Project configuration.

This means you can perform a Factory reset on your device without having to re-deploy your project configurations, and an end user using the device can never break your project configuration by performing a Factory reset.

Please note that a Factory reset does not change your project configuration -- including any proprietary apps or media -- since these are not in the user data space by design.

Performing a Factory data reset is NOT the same thing as de-provisioning your device. See our guide for refurbishing your device if you'd like to disassociate the device with your Platform account


  1. Set up your developer kit
  2. (optionally) Deploy a project configuration to your device


The factory reset operation will take effect immediately if your device is online, and will result in the device losing all app-specific data and settings.

  1. Backup any important application-specific settings or data externally, prior to wiping your device

  2. Pull down the Device status bar and tap on the "gear" icon to open the Settings activity

    If you have a configuration that hides the status bar, and you have disabled the system launcher application,, you will need to include a way to get to the Settings application via your own application. See this Stack Overflow question to see how to do this

  3. Scroll down to the Backup & reset action, and select Factory data reset

  4. Once your device is connected to the internet, it should perform the factory data reset

    A device that's going through a factory data reset will show up as offline in Controller until it restarts, and will remain linked to your account