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Create a Mason Project

In part 1 of our 'Manage Projects' series, you learned about Mason OS configs and projects. This guide will walk you through creating a project in the Mason Platform.


Using our Platform web app

  1. From the Mason Platform Projects page, you can use the action button labelled "Create project" to create a new Mason Project. Clicking or activating this action button should open the "Create project" page.

    Add Project Image

  2. On the "Create project" page, make sure to give your project a semantic and unique identifier. These identifiers will need to be referenced in the Mason CLI when doing deployments and pushing Mason OS config updates.

    New Project Image

  3. On the "Create project" page, carefully choose the device model for which this project will be tied to. You can only deploy projects to groups if the projects and groups are both defined with the same device model.

    Choose Device Image

  4. After you've selected your device model, the Project API level should auto-select if you only have one option available. Otherwise, feel free to change the API level on your device.

  5. Optionally, you can give your project a detailed description. This description will show up on the Project page and the Project detail page in the Mason Platform.

  6. Finally, with all required fields filled out, you can submit the form to create your Project! The Project should show up in the Mason Platform Projects page, and you should be able to see the project detail page as well by clicking or activating the project card on the page.


Next steps