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Create a Platform API key

In order to use the Mason Platform API, you must supply an API key on each request.

Visit our Authorization API documentation



  1. Log in to Controller, Mason's platform web app

    Controller login page

  2. Visit the API key page in Controller

    Controller API key page

  3. There should be a button or indicator somewhere on the page that says Create key. Click or activate that button to open the Create key page.

    Controller new API key page

  4. Fill out the form on the Create key page. All API keys require a semantic name and at least one scope

  5. After a new API key has been made, you will only be shown the key one time. You should copy it and store it somewhere safe, like a password manager.

  6. After you close the modal, you should see the new key on the API key page in Controller. You can delete the key from this page as well.


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