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Mason Connectivity is a cellular data solution that offers a single Global SIM card and a platform to manage, analyze, and optimize your fleet’s data usage. Connect your devices to the most comprehensive list of networks available with a single Mason Global SIM, and tap into our Connectivity APIs to pull and analyze your fleet’s usage data.

While Mason Connectivity and Global SIMs can be used with any compatible hardware, using it with Mason Devices unlocks enhanced features such as:

  • Zero touch setup: SIMs come pre-installed and auto-connect to the appropriate APNs and device settings
  • Enhanced Reporting: Access an additional data layer to analyze your usage across dimensions such as: installed applications, OS versions, deployed projects and more
  • Global Reach: Mason Devices include the proper cellular bands to provide LTE connectivity in 130+ countries out of the box.

What you'll learn

Contact to learn more about our Connectivity roadmap with features such as: custom alerting, programmatic SIM management, and more.

Connecting a Mason Device

1. Order a SIM

If you already have a Mason Developer Kit, check the SIM tray to ensure that there is not already a SIM card in the device. If there is already a SIM, you can skip to step 3. If there is not a SIM, you can order a Mason Global SIM from our store. Each Mason Developer Kit will come with a pre-installed and pre-activated SIM card, that includes 500mb of data per month, for 3 months. If you require more data, or need to extend your Developer Kit trial period beyond 90 days, please contact

You must create an account before purchasing the SIM from our store. Visit our sign up guide to get started

2. Insert SIM

SIM cards come pre-installed in Mason devices. If you have ordered a stand alone SIM card for an existing Mason Device, insert the SIM into the SIM tray on the Mason Device, which can be opened using a paper clip or the SIM tool included in the device box.

3. Set APN

APNs should automatically be set with Mason devices. If the SIM does not appear to be working, please contact or reference our FAQ.

As of August 2020 all Mason Devices come with SIM cards by default. Pilot and Production orders come with Mason Connectivity on a case by case basis. Contact or your dedicated account manager to activate Connectivity remotely.

Connecting a non Mason Device

1. Order a SIM

To get started with Mason Connectivity, you must first order a Mason Global SIM from our store.

store with Global SIM

Mason Global SIMs are $25, which includes the SIM and 1.5GB of data over three months (data will be capped at 500MB of data per 30-day period). If you require more data, or need to extend your Global SIM trial period beyond 90 days, please contact or submit a support ticket.

Once your SIM has been shipped, you should be able to see it in the Mason Controller platform within 24 - 48 hours.

The $25 for three months of data bundle is for trial purposes only. Pricing for Pilot or Production orders may vary.

2. Insert SIM

Once your SIM has arrived, you will need to insert it into your device. Mason Global SIMs come in Standard (2ff), Micro (3ff), and Nano (4ff) sizes. Consult instructions for your specific device model for how to install your SIM card.

Contact or your dedicated account manager if you need a different size such as MFF2 or are interested in eUICC (eSIM).

3. Set APN & Enable Roaming

The final step is to set the Access Point Name (APN) and enable roaming.

For setting the APN, you will need to:

  • Set the name as Mason (if applicable)
  • Set the APN as super
  • Leave the username and password fields blank
  • Select the Mason APN as the active APN

For example, this is how you would do that on an Android device:

  1. Go to Settings > More networks > Mobile networks > Access point names
  2. Tap the menu or + icon to edit an access point.
  3. Enter “Mason” under Name and enter “super” under APN.
  4. Tap your new Mason APN to set it as your active APN.

Similarly you can set the APN on IOS:

  1. Go to Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Network.
  2. For languages other than English, use the appropriate menu path.
  3. Tap APN and enter “super”.
  4. Leave blank the Username and Password fields.

Depending on your device model, only some of the above steps may apply. However, for all device types, the APN will need to be set as super. Please consult your device specific manual for how to set the APNs. If you require any assistance, our team can be reached at

Lastly, ensure that roaming is enabled on your device.

4. Using Data

Once your SIM is installed, the APN is set, and global roaming is enabled, you should be able to immediately start using data with your device.

SIMs will be activated by default. The Mason Global SIM can connect to 345+ Networks in 180+ countries across the world. By default, the SIM will connect to the network with the strongest Signal. Please contact if you need to set up alternative network prioritization logic.

Viewing Data Usage in Controller

You can use the Mason Platform to view your fleet of Global SIMs. To access the Mason Connectivity dashboard, login to the Mason Controller, and select Connectivity from the side bar.

Account level usage in Controller

From this page, you can view your fleet’s data usage, or dive into a specific SIM Card for more granular information.

Per SIM usage in Controller

Next Steps