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Mason CLI Autocomplete

The Mason CLI provides autocomplete shortcuts, to make your development easier



  1. Verify the mason CLI is installed

    $mason -V
    Mason CLI v1.7
    Copyright (C) 2019 Mason America (
    License Apache 2.0 <>
  2. Run the following command to get autocomplete support for mason commands in bash.

    echo -e 'eval "$(_MASON_COMPLETE=source mason)"\n' >> .bashrc
  3. Autocomplete works by guessing which command you're referring to, given a subset of the full command

    $ mason reg
    Usage: mason reg [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...
    Register artifacts to the Mason Platform.
    Full docs:
    -y, --yes, --assume-yes  Don't require confirmation.
    --dry-run                Show planned operations, but don't execute them.
    -h, --help               Show this message and exit.
    apk      Register APK artifacts.
    config   Register config artifacts.
    media    Register media artifacts.
    project  Register whole projects.


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