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Clear your project configuration

Mason Devices that exist in device groups with custom Mason OS (Project) deployments should be running a custom Mason OS configuration.

This guide will show you how to 'clear' or 'reset' the Mason OS configuration on your device without performing a refurbish, which would unlink the device from your Platform Account.

If you are looking to remove your device from your Mason Platform account, visit our guide for refurbishing devices



The following steps mirror the steps you would take to move the Device to a new group, but this time we are moving your device to the unassigned group.

  1. Log in to Controller

    Controller login page

  2. Visit the devices page in Controller -

  3. Select the device(s) you want to move. The Device page action bar should appear. Click the Move button on the action bar. The Move devices page should appear.

    Devices page - move action

  4. Select the group you want to move your selected device(s) to. For now, select the group labelled unassigned

    Devices page - move action

  5. Click on Move devices to submit the form and move your device(s)

    If you see an error message and are unable to submit the form, your device(s) cannot be moved to the group you selected. The reason for this should be shown on the page.

  6. If the move is successful, the device(s) moving to the unassigned group will clear their custom Mason OS configuration and reboot with a standard Mason OS config when they have a stable internet connection


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