Frequently Asked Questions

Device Configuration

How do I reset my device back to a clean configuration?

Occasionally you may find that there is a need to take your device back to its original state (just like it was immediately before it was activated). In order to do this, you can visit the “Device Details” page and find the action on the right that says “Refurbish”.

☠️ WARNING ☠️️️: The refurbish operation will take effect immediately if your device is online, and will result in the device being brought back to it’s original state as it was right out of the box. Please backup any important apps/settings/data before performing this operation.

How do I perform a Factory Data Reset/Data Wipe?

You can perform a complete data reset by visiting your device’s settings. On the main screen with the Android notification shade pulled down all the way, tap on the “gear” icon to open the Settings application, scroll down to Backup & reset and select Factory data reset. Please note that this does not touch your configurations – including any proprietary apps or media – since these are not in the user data space by design.

NOTE: The data wipe operation will take effect immediately if your device is online, and will result in the device losing all app-specific data and settings. Please backup any important settings/data before performing this operation.

NOTE: If you have a configuration that hides the status bar, and you have disabled the system launcher application (, you will need to include a way to get to the Settings application via your own application. Please see this Stack Overflow question for tips on how to achieve this.

How do I force update my devices if config_update_install_time is set?

Overriding the config_update_install_time is not currently possible as the feature is designed to prevent updates occurring during unscheduled times. However, occasionally a situation might arise where you need to force update devices out of band. In this case, wiping the Project Configuration is the only option. Wiping a project configuration can be completed in one of two ways:

  1. Move the device(s) to the Unassigned group
  2. Initiate a “Refurbish” command from the “Device Details” screen

If you do not have physical access to the devices Option 1 is ideal as Mason Login credentials are required for Option 2.

Once the Project Configuration is wiped reconnect the devices to WiFi then move them to a group with your desired Project Configuration.

Would a Factory Data Reset clear out my configurations and bring my device back to its original state?

Your configurations (expressed via a project’s configuration YAML) are not stored in the user data space by design. As a result, a factory data reset will clear out all of your custom settings and your applications’ data, but not your configuration itself. To take a device to its original state, please see this question.


My build is stuck in PENDING/IN PROGRESS state. What do I do?

Build requests are typically expected to complete in approximately 5 minutes. However, at times of unusual load it is possible that build requests get queued up and end up taking significantly longer (of the order of tens of minutes). If you suspect that your build is not making progress, and your dashboard does not show it as SUCCEEDED or FAILED within a reasonable amount of time (more than a couple of hours), this may be the result of an internal error requiring attention. In such a situation, please contact Mason Support (our contact info is at the bottom of this page).

Mason Console

Why am I not seeing the “Ping”, “Locate” and other buttons on the device details page?

On the Device Details page of the Mason Console (reached by clicking “Details” on an individual device’s row on the “My Devices” page), you should see buttons such as “Ping”, “Locate”, “Check For Update”, “Wipe Data”, etc. However, if you are using Chrome and have an ad-blocker extension installed these buttons could be hidden/removed as they are miscategorized as tracking URLs. The solution is to make an exception for the host/domain within your ad-blocker software configuration, or temporarily disable your ad-blocker and reload the page.


DNS Setup

IP allocations for cloud services are, by design, ephemeral. It is not recommended that whitelisting be performed by IP address range or CNAME but rather by domain name. This ensures that any changes to IP addresses will allow the service to remain available without opening a large range of IP addresses needed for cloud-based environments.

App Name Domain Port
Mason Platform & API
AWS S3 443
Auth0 443
Pushy 1883
Firebase/Crashlytics *
Android NTP server 123

Everything Else

Collecting device logs via adb

At times you may need to collect debug logs from your Mason device. This is done using the adb tool. Here are the steps to follow to do so:

  1. Install adb for your computer via the Android SDK tools page ( Unzip this file to a directory of your choice.
  2. To use adb with a Mason device connected over USB, you must enable USB debugging in the device system settings, under Developer options. The Developer options screen is hidden by default. To make it visible, go to Settings > About phone and tap Build number 7 times or until you see a prompt (“toast”) that says You're now a developer!
  3. Then press the Back button until you exit the Settings app completely (or swipe right on it via the Recents menu to close it)
  4. Re-enter Settings, and scroll down to Developer options
  5. Turn on USB debugging
  6. Connect your device to your computer via USB. If prompted, check the box to always allow access to the device from the computer it is connected to.
  7. Open a terminal window (on MacOS or Linux) or a Command prompt (on Windows), and navigate to the directory from step 1 above. The adb tool can be found under the platform-tools/ sub directory.
  8. To collect logs, enter adb logcat -v threadtime > logs01.txt. This will start collecting logs to the named file.
  9. Run through the scenario on the device.
  10. Press Ctrl-C in the terminal or command window from step 8 to exit adb
  11. Send the file logs01.txt or whatever you named it to Mason Support

Help, I’m stuck!

We’re happy to help. Contact if you have any questions or feedback.