The following are the official releases of the Mason Platform, in reverse chronological order. To discover what’s new in a specific Platform component, scroll down to the relevant section (or use one of the “Jump To” links below) and find the section named the same as the Revision entry in the table below.

Revision Theme
FEB-2018 Network usage optimizations, APN Provisioning
NOV-2017 Bug fixes, Auto Provisioning
SEPT-2017 Billing/Plan Management, Additional device information, UX improvements
JUN-2017 Kiosk mode improvements, User account management via dashboard
MAY-2017 Maintenance release.
APR-2017 Remote device operations, deployment improvements.
FEB-2017 First public release of Mason Platform.

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Mason OS


Versions: MJ06216V (Mason D-03), MJ06215Q (Mason F-07)

  • Support for configuring APNs (advanced users)
  • Network usage optimizations under poor signal conditions
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements to core platform services.


Versions: MH37416S (Mason D-03), MH383130 (Mason F-07)

  • Initial release of Auto Provisioning work flow
  • Bug fix for config_update_check_when_idle


Versions: MH23414P (Mason D-03), MH23415V (Mason F-07)

  • Improvements to how direct_boot_package works to better support “kiosk mode” for customer apps. Such apps are now indistinguishable from apps configured as Android launchers.
  • Enhancements to the build system to uncompress shared object files included with apps for the device’s target architecture and ABI; such apps now load faster when included directly within projects via YAML.
  • Improvements in configuration build time.
  • Stability improvements to core platform services.


Version: MH194116 (Mason D-03), MH19411V (Mason F-07)

  • New configuration default_runtime_permissions_grant_policy to allow better control over how runtime permissions are granted to customer applications.
  • Fixed a crash when showing OS runtime permissions grant dialog.
  • “Welcome” screen is no longer displayed after a data wipe.
  • Critical OS updates now checked and downloaded prior to activation.
  • Detect bad device time errors when talking to services.
  • Several new OS-level configurations exposed for use in projects, plus fixes to some previously available configurations.
  • Several stability improvements to core platform services.


Version: MH162007 (Mason D-03), MH1650W1 (Mason F-07)

  • Remote wipe functionality: Mason devices now support a remote wipe command that, on receipt, will immediately result in a factory data reset. This will clear out all user and application data, settings such as Wifi networks, etc., as well as any applications that were installed over adb (i.e. not via the Mason CLI).
  • Remote locate functionality: Mason devices now support a remote location report command, which when triggered will cause the device to report its location as reported by on-device GPS up to the platform, visible via the Mason console.
  • State updates: Mason devices now support sending up state information when requested remotely. This includes useful details such as carrier information, etc. The set of information sent up will be enhanced over time.
  • Diagnostics: A Diagnostics panel was added to the System Updates application for support purposes. It should indicate the name and version of the current configuration deployed to the device, if any, as well as other pertinent information.
  • Contains stability improvements to core platform services.


Version: MH083189 (Mason D-03), MH08400L (Mason F-07)

  • First official release of the Mason OS. This build is based on Android Marshmallow 6.0.1 and adds core functionality needed to enable the Mason Platform.

Mason CLI


Version: 0.91

  • Improved verification of APK signatures


Version: 0.8

  • mason register apk now falls back to keytool for signature checking when direct usage of openssl fails (reproducible with certain APKs.)


Version: 0.7

  • Ability to deploy configurations or APKs to multiple groups simultaneously via a single deploy command.
  • The stage or build commands will encounter an error if a previously built project configuration version is resubmitted for a build.
  • Fixed a bug wherein a deploy --push to an empty group would hang the command line and eventually fail.
  • Fixed a bug whereby duplicate keys in a project configuration would result in a 502 error.


Version: 0.6

  • The register config command now fails if the input YAML file contains any syntactic or logical errors. Common errors include references to missing versions of apps, misnamed config keys, etc.
  • The register operation now fails if the input configuration (for register config) or APK (for register apk) has a name and version that matches one already registered. The recommended course of action is to make a new version prior to registration. This is to prevent already deployed artifacts from being overwritten by accident.
  • Improvements to ensure errors are displayed correctly.
  • Colorized output for errors.


Version: 0.5

  • First official release of the Mason CLI tool. All supported operations are documented here.

Mason Console


  • Additional information displayed on Device Details screen
  • Improved UX on small screens
  • Billing and Plans added to Account Management screen
  • Bug fixes and performance enhancements


  • New shut down and reboot operations available via “Device Details” page.
  • New icons in “Device Details” page to visually represent current state of device including battery level, online/offline, location accuracy, and cellular connectivity.
  • Account management screen with “Change Password” functionality.
  • Ability to invite new users to your organization via Account Management.
  • Support for direct sign-up for Mason Platform account.
  • Updated styling/branding across the Console website.


  • Allow deleting groups from the Console.
  • Devices are now correctly moved into the unassigned group after a “refurbish” operation.
  • Multiple repeated device operations (“Locate” or “Wipe”) are “debounced”.
  • The device details page now attempts to detect browser ad blockers that might be hide some of the functionality on the Device Details page.
  • Removed “Wipe Data” from the Devices page menu. This functionality is available via the “Device Details” page.
  • The device type of a group is now highlighted in the Devices page. An icon indicates the type of devices in a group, and the system will not allow mixing device types within the same group.
  • The Refurbish/Wipe buttons on the Device Details page are now highlighted as potentially dangerous operations, and pop up confirmation dialogs prior to dispatch.


  • View Deployments to groups: The Devices page now shows the name and version of the last deployed configuration to each group (except the unassigned group which cannot be deployed to).
  • View Deployment history: In the Devices page under each device group, there are now two tabs – one for the list of devices, and one for history of all deployments ever made to that group (configurations or apps).
  • View Artifacts: There is now a new page (accessible via “Artifacts” on the left menu) that lists all artifacts ever registered to the Mason Platform (using the CLI tools register command).
  • Device Operations: The devices page now supports a plethora of device-specific functionality via the “Details” button (available on each device line item). This will open a separate page with the following sections:
    • A map widget that displays the device’s last known location
    • A “Remote Actions” menu that supports the following operations:
      • Check for Updates: Trigger the device to immediately check against the Mason platform for any configuration or app updates if it is currently online.
      • Ping: Trigger the device to immediately report its metadata to the Mason platform.
      • Locate: Trigger the device to immediately query and report its current location obtained via GPS to the Mason Platform if it is currently online.
    • A set of tabs to view assorted device metadata.
    • NOTE: Older devices will only show the “Check for Updates” button as they will not have the requisite functionality until they go through their Mason OS update.
  • Moves across Heterogeneous Groups: If you attempt to move a device from one group to another that has either a different project or a lower version of the same project deployed to it, the UI will prompt you to confirm the operation. If you choose to continue the operation, the Platform will effectively issue an immediate remote configuration wipe operation to all devices involved in the move.
  • Mixing Devices Types in a group: If you own multiple different Mason devices and happen to mix them within the same group, note that only the devices that match the device type of the latest project configuration deployed to that group will receive OTA updates when they perform an update check-in.


  • First official release of the Mason dashboard with support for:
    • Login with Mason account
    • Project list and project creation
    • Device list, groups and group creation
    • Active/completed config build history