Setting up a Devkit Device


When you receive a Mason Devkit, it typically includes a device that must be activated prior to use. This step is necessary before using the various tools that are part of the Mason platform. Below are details on the setup process.

Device Setup Walkthrough

Upon receiving a Mason device, follow these steps to activate it. Please note that the following are necessary to successfully complete activation:

  • An account on the Mason Platform. Please contact Mason Solutions to create one if you do not already have one.
  • A network connection for the device. This can be either WiFi or a cellular data connection (we recommend the latter).

SIM Card Setup

If your device comes with a SIM card or you plan on using your own, you can follow the instructions for your device type to insert it correctly prior to activation.

Signing in

The device will prompt you with a ready to begin device activation screen upon boot.

Activation start screen

When you press the green arrow, the wizard will prompt you to setup a WiFi connection before proceeding.

Wifi setup prompt


Note that this step is not needed and no prompt will be shown if your device already has an active SIM with a cellular data connection.

Proceed to setup a WiFi connection. The WiFi setup wizard will enable the NEXT button once a WiFi connection is successfully established.

Wifi setup complete screen

Tap NEXT to be brought to the Date and Time setup screen. Review the device time as well as the time zone and make sure they accurately reflect the time and time zone for your device.

Time zone screen

Check your time and time zone

The default settings should be sufficient if you are on a cellular connection. However, over WiFi please note that the time zone information is sometimes not automatically obtained (depending upon your router settings). Notice in the image above that the time zone was set to GMT rather than Pacific Standard Time where the example device was located.

If this is the case, you can toggle Automatic time zone OFF and tap Select time zone to pick a suitable time zone such as Pacific Standard Time ("Los Angeles GMT-08:00"). Once done, toggle Automatic time zone back to ON to ensure the OS subsequently continues to check the time zone automatically. The animation below demonstrates how you can do that.

Pick different time zone animation

Now tap NEXT to be taken to the login page. Here, you may sign in using the credentials you used to create your Mason account (see #1 above). Type in your Email and Password in the corresponding fields, and tap the green arrow to hide the on-screen keyboard, and tap NEXT.

Login screen


If you type in your credentials incorrectly, you should see the a red exclamation icon on the Password field; tap on it to see the error you received.

If you instead see a dialog warning you about connectivity errors, you can cancel it and retry your password. While your connectivity might have failed in the interim, it is much less likely to occur. This is a known issue that Mason Engineers will fix in the next release.

If you sign in successfully, you should see a dialog like this:

Login success dialog

Tap OK to dismiss this dialog, then NEXT to continue at which point you will see a dialog showing progress messages ending with a success message. Please wait, as the dialog will be dismissed automatically.

Another progress dialog

Eventually (in approximately 10 to 15 seconds) you will see a welcome screen that displays "Welcome to your dedicated device".

Welcome screen

Tap on the green arrow to complete activation be taken to the default Android launcher screen.

Next Steps

At this point your device is activated and ready for use! You can now proceed to Creating a Mason Project to learn how to start the process of building your first project.